Net Transport

Net Transport (NetXfer) 2.64.423

Fast and exciting downloading tool

How many times have you tried to save streaming media locally but realised you don't have the appropriate tool? Net Transport (NetXfer) can do just that for you. Net Transport downloads MMS and RTSP streaming in multiple threads with perfect video & audio quality.

There are some other great features, like "Site Manager" which allows you to keep the active connection with the remote servers. In addition, the support for both SSL and SSH is hardly found in other upload/download tools.

Main Features:

  • Simple but powerful "File Manager" to categorize and manage downloaded files
  • Simple multi-user management
  • Inbuilt "Site Explorer" lists the directory structure of the remote server
  • FTP reuse mechanism uses one connection to get different files from the same site
  • Assign every working thread a different proxy to break certain site restrictions
  • Proxies with NTLM authentication can penetrate local firewall, like Microsoft ISA 2000
  • Adjust the bandwidth usage of Net Transport
  • Monitor browser click
  • Can automatically shutdown the system or hang up the modem
  • NTLM authentication is supported for both MMS and RTSP
  • Use multi-threads for both MMS and RTSP to significantly reduce the time of downloads
  • Automatically parse streaming script such as .asx, .smi to acquire real URLs
  • Support SSH encryption for both HTTP and FTP
  • Flexible "Scheduler Manager"

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Net Transport


Net Transport (NetXfer) 2.64.423